X2HN, Women’s Executive Networking Conference

Want to go to a conference where there’s no chance that you have to meet Matthew? Gale Wilson-Steele (founder of MedSeek & CareSeek and one of my favorite people in healthcare) wrote to THCB about the conference that she co-founded last year. Apparently because men haven’t got X2 but a spare Y instead, they can’t come! Here’s why you should go if you don’t have a dangling Y!

X2HN was founded to accelerate the pace of healthcare improvement by providing the top-level women in all sectors of healthcare a venue for exchanging ideas, knowledge, and resources. Each year we host a space-limited 2-day Xscape where our members are recharged and inspired by learning from each other and experiencing the nation’s best programs and products.

This year we will convene January 30 – February 1, 2008 at the legendary La Valencia Hotel in the heart of La Jolla, California—a village known for its beauty, beaches, and boutiques.

The rejuvenating agenda for this remarkable event includes:

  • An Inspiring Evening with Darlene Price – Darlene, is one of America’s finest executive communications trainers. No wonder she is retained by many of the world’s top corporations. Darlene is President of WellSaid! and has received numerous honors including nine Telly Awards for outstanding corporate communications. Listen to the life-altering tale of her own healthcare experience, as Darlene sets the tone for the 2008 Xscape and focuses our hearts and minds on leading a much needed healthcare revolution—one communication at a time.
  • Pearl Sessions—X2HN-member presentations provide illumination on the numerous, interconnected facets of our healthcare system. In a few moments you will learn how your executive peers use their competencies and connections to drive important healthcare objectives.
  • Life Lesson —"Constructing a Business Plan for Life”—a female executive’s guide to applying business mindedness to the personal pursuit of meaning and happiness.
  • Workshop—Darlene Price will share the secrets to effective executive communication in an interactive training workshop.
  • Trends for 2008—A panel discussion of the top trends in healthcare improvement.

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