TECH/CONSUMERS: Ix Therapy time again!!

Today Indu and I are at the Ix Therapy Conference in Park City, UT. I’m here as a guest of Josh Seidman, Dorothy Jeffress and the crew at the Center for Information Therapy

David Kibbe is up first. His talk is called "Google. Then Gargle." He’s talking about 4 disruptions:

1. EMR, and spread of electronic health records

2. MinuteClinic, and retail medicine from NPs
3. Medical Tourism, drugs and surgery abroad
4. Health2.0

He’s very interested in Microsoft’s HealthVault (although like me he notes that creating a "strong password" for HealthVault is pretty annoying–I also think HealthVault needs a tutorial PDQ too). But nonetheless the option of moving data around easily between multiple entities and providers is pretty disruptive.