HEALTH2.0: That was the Health2.0 that was

That was a remarkable day. I’ve never felt so humbled and overwhelmed at the same time. But, then again, Indu and I received so many compliments that we feel very proud of what we accomplished. We are also incredibly grateful to our legion of volunteers, to our stellar conference organizer Sara Sharkey Walker, and to the Health2.0 Business Manager John Plunenneke who survived 2 days straight of no sleep. Between them, and with lots of help from amazing graphic artist Patrick Wang and super helper Liz Mandel, we managed to smoothly have over 450 people attend a conference when only a few weeks ago we were expecting less than 200.

We had marvelous panels, great speakers, and really fascinating demos.

The only hitch occurred when Dave Hall from HealthEquity (a service that calculates
health plan members costs and accounting) had trouble with connecting on his demo. We found out that he was using a weak wireless signal and that the fast Internet
connection was mysteriously unplugged. The immediate previous presenter
was Quicken Health’s Mike Battaglia. Coincidence? Or the big kahuna spiking a rival upstart? You be the judge!

We are so grateful to our moderators who worked so hard prepping for their panels–Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, Jack Barrette, Amy Tenderich, Doug Goldstein,Scott Shreeve, Enoch Choi & Marty Tenenbaum. They ran their panels on time, to the point and with great humor.

Thanks to all the panelists and presenters, especially to all the demo panelists — we put them all through the wringer of making them rehearse their demo in advance, and it really paid off.

We’re also grateful to our sponsors; their support made the day possible and their exhibits, contributions and panel introductions really gave a flavor of the great innovation that’s happening in Health2.0

Thanks to Brian Klepper for taking the reins on THCB while I was otherwise engaged!

And of course to everyone who came to the conference and made this such a special day!

And a special thanks to my partner Indu Subaiya. Indu, you rock!

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  1. Matthew and team,
    Congratulations on a tremendous job. The feedback I heard from everyone was that it was truly an amazing inaugural event. My apologies for not being able to make this one, but thankfully my partner Steven Krein was able to attend for OrganizedWisdom and connect with many old friends, and meet many new partners.
    I’d also like to thank Brian Klepper for blogging the event so thoroughly. Made me feel like I was there!
    See you at the next one…

  2. Thanks for all of the coverage on the conference. Unfortunately, I’m on the East Coast so could not attend. But the 11th Annual Women’s Health and the Environment Conference is coming up next month and I encourage all to attend!
    It will be held and Boston and is free and open to everyone. It’s being hosted by the Heinz Family Philanthropies, and the keynote speaker will be Deidre Imus, founder of the of the Deidre Imus Environmental Center for Pediatric Oncology.
    I’m definitely very excited!
    Here is some more background information:
    A project of the Heinz Family Philanthropies, this conference series began in 1996, bringing together environmental and women’s health leaders. This conference series is based on Teresa Heinz’s belief that women deserve to have our health studied in our own right, with our distinct physical strengths and susceptibilities. Held each fall in Boston, the conference attracts thousands of women, activists, and mothers for panel discussions by some of the leading experts on women’s issues.
    The Women’s Health and the Environment series encourages women to take an active and responsible role in decision-making about their health, lifestyle choices and economic futures. This year, the conference series is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Our speakers will be looking at a decade of achievements in the field of women’s health and the environment as well as describing challenges for the future.

  3. Matthew — You and Indu (along with your less visible cohorts) did an outstanding job with this conference. The panel members all provided great insights not only to their products but to how this industry can move forward. I look forward to the next conference.

  4. A job well done indeed, congrats on a successful 1st annual conference guys!
    I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make it, I got tied up in Berlin. But my partners went and reported back to me how fabulous it was. I definitely hope to be there next time 🙂