HEALTH2.0: More on the conference, and the Google situation

Health 2.0 is officially sold out. However, if you
still want to come there is a chance that we will be able make room for
you, as cancellations and other changes open up spots. You can still register on our waiting list. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible — although we may not be able to tell you anything until early next week.
This will also (hint, hint) put you on the list to be notified when spots become
available for the next Health 2.0, tentatively scheduled for the first
quarter of 2008. Meanwhile, to receive updates on conference developments please sign up for our newsletter.

Also, a big welcome (cue applause) is due to HEALTH 2.0’s latest charter sponsor. PeerClip hasn’t launched yet, but you can go take a sneak peak at what they are up to on their site. What exactly are they about? The mystery will be answered soon! Stay tuned to THCB for more details.

DVD  boxed set

Meanwhile, if you can’t make it to Health 2.0 but want to catch all the action or share the Health 2.0 experience with your colleagues, we will be making a DVD set available shortly after September 20th. To  reserve your set, please email info@health2con.com with "DVD boxed set" in your subject line. Full details will be provided.

Meanwhile, there are some changes in the agenda for the
Health2.0 Conference that have been forced upon us by what’s become well known news. Given the
changes in the Health team at Google, we might have expected them to hunker down
and excuse themselves. But instead we have Missy Krasner MA,
Product Marketing Manager,
who’s been not only the right in the thick of Google’s health strategy
but before that was Senior Adviser to David Brailer, the National Health IT
Czar, coming to talk on our opening panel.

Missy will be discussing Google’s plans in health. She’ll be joined by Peter Neupert from
Microsoft, Bonnie Becker from Yahoo! and Wayne Gattinella from WebMD. This
morning’s rumor that Google will be buying WebMD may add a little more spice to
the conversation. Luckily, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn will be moderating to keep everyone
in check!

You can expect several interesting announcements from companies on
the scene day of. Of course, if you can’t make it into the show, don’t
panic. THCB will carry complete coverage. 

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