Best of: The AMA goes 2.0

Most of you reading about Health2.0 will be bored by now of me talking about Sermo and how they’ve become the quickest growing physician online community in well under a year–although there’s now competition in that space from the  likes of Within3. You’ve also probably got bored of me saying that the big question about Health2.0 technologies is whether "the health care establishment" is going to adopt them.

However, you’d probably be a little surprised to find that one of the bastions of America’s health care establishment–and one that doesn’t get much good press on THCB–has decided that it needs to jump on board the Health2.0 bandwagon. Today Sermo announces a deal with the AMA that allows the AMA to see what doctors are talking about on Sermo, and gets its user docs free access to all the AMA’s journals, as well as starts making Sermo’s ranking and discussion tools part of those journals.

This is a coup for Sermo and a big move for the AMA. Not to mention a validation of the impact of at least one part of the Health2.0 movement. Want to know more? I thought you did–which is why I interviewed Sermo CEO Daniel Palestrant about the deal yesterday. Listen to the interview.

And yes, Daniel and Sermo (and the Within3 folks) will all be at the Health2.0-User Generated Healthcare conference. But you all knew that too!

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  1. No surprise here. Seems like everyone is getting on Health 2.0 bandwagon and with good reason too… It’s the future of health on the web.

  2. I belong to Sermo, although I don’t use it much since there are few posts in my esoteric area, pathology. My first reaction to Sermo’s partnership with AMA was that they’ve sold out the docs to the Establishment. However, I admit I’m attracted by the free access to JAMA, a journal which i’d like to read, and by the advertised ability of the members to have access to senior AMA leadership for constructive criticism. There has already been posted an open letter to AMA leadership criticizing their, well, leadership. We;ll see where this goes.