HEALTH2.0: Facebook as a platform

Unless you really haven’t been online for the past few months, you’re bound to have noticed all your contacts moving onto Facebook. No longer just for college kids, Facebook is opening up to everyone and seems to be taking off amongst professionals in a way MySpace never did. And just to prove it, we created a Health2.0 group on Facebook. Soon we’ll even add something to it!

Additionally Facebook is becoming a development platform for other applications. One example is this health quiz created by search engine Healia, that is on FaceBook. So go take the Healia Health Quiz.

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  1. Funny you should mention Facebook. I was just reading about focus groups with teens and twenty-somethings in which they reveal that Facebook is in their eyes starting to jump the shark. And, no criticism intended, but I think things like this are exactly what will make Facebook uncool from the kids’ perspective. As a business resource, on the other hand, I’m sure it will only get stronger for some time. Two cheers for Facebook!