POLICY: Guesses at important dates…

In the comments to Brian Klepper’s piece yesterday, troublemaker commenter JD asks the following

Matt, I don’t know if you can do polls on this site, but I’d be interested to see what the readers here would guess as the date universal healthcare legislation passes. My own guess is that SCHIP expansion happens in 2009 (if not sooner), and effectively universal coverage is passed in 2011, effective in 2012. And my guess is that it is more like the Massachusetts model, actually, than Medicare-for-all. Idle wonkery, to be sure, but enjoyable idle wonkery.

I can’t easily put up a poll without pulling John off some real work, but you can all give your best guesses below. How about these three questions.

1) When will SCHIP pass?

2) When will comprehensive health care reform pass the Congress and get signed by the President?

3) When will we get to what reasonable people would agree was 100% universal coverage?

Have fun!