PHARMA/QUALITY: Merrill Goozner has dug into “The Most Costly Earmark in S-CHIP”

GoozNews: The Most Costly Earmark in S-CHIP

Increased risk of death. No benefit. Higher costs for taxpayers. The ongoing Epo saga, whose latest chapter is being written on Capitol Hill, is a perfect example of why our health care outcomes are second-rate, while our health care costs are second to none.

This is a great bit of digging from Merrill, and it shows why FFS or in this case, Fee for drugs is just a bad way of paying for medical care. Do read it.

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  1. This is infuriating, but a seemingly typical example of public health policy in today’s America. My great-grandmother recently started dialysis through the ESRD program and I will certainly be making sure that my grandparents who help manage her health know to ask her physician about this drug.