POLICY: Are they that stupid, really?

Apparently the Administration is going to follow up on their threat to go after Michael Moore for his Sicko stunt of taking patients to Cuba.. This should give Sicko, which did OK for a documentary but not exactly Farenheight 911 numbers, a bit of a life at the box office.

But can the Bush Administration really be that stupid? (This is a rhetorical question, BTW)

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  1. I’m sure that the scenes of 911 workers getting the care they need in Cuba (not able to in the U.S.) was done with the co-operation of the Cuban government for good PR. But Cuba also exports doctors for good PR as well. Moore’s larger point was that here is a poor county that suffers from an embargo being able to afford healthcare for its citizens, so why can’t the comparitve rich U.S. Why can’t this rich country even take care of workers who’s health suffered as a result of their work at ground zero? I’m looking forward to seeing the hearings with Moore done live.