HEALTH2.0/TECH: Big day for Healthline

It’s a big day for Healthline Networks. The health “search and much more service” (if I call them “search only”, President Dean Stephens gets grumpy with me!) has raised another $21m in venture funding and announced deals with several customers—including some who have put money in as part of the round. Those on the funding and client side include NBC (which owns iVillage), Aetna, & US News & World Report. Also putting money in was Kaiser Permanente’s venture arm, so it’s reasonable speculation (if not announced yet) that KP is thinking of using Healthline too. In addition AOL and Ask.com are also going to use Healthline for search on their properties.

Given that vertical search is becoming a big deal in health care, this is some of the biggest news yet. So lots of activity! Healia was bought last month, Kosmix has been announcing deals, Medstory was sold to Microsoft, and some small company beginning withe letter G apparently is doing something in search too.

Of course, if you really want to know more you should consider coming to the Health2.0 Conference to hear from all of those companies and many more….

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