HEALTH2.0: Brief update and lots going on

So the Health2.0 Conference is really heating up. We will be announcing a raft of new sponsors and some interesting media tie-ins next week. There are already well over 100 attendees including lots of people from across the worlds of technology, providers, plans, pharma and finance. If you’re planning on attending and haven’t signed up yet, you may want to act quickly to reserve your spot. The number of guests is limited by space considerations so a sell out is possible, and in fact, looking quite likely. A number of you — at least 25 – have also signed up but have
not yet completed your registrations. Places will only be reserved
those who have completed the registration process, so its probably a good idea to take care of things if you’ve been holding off.

Next week we will be having a contest to fill a slot on the Social Media for Patients panel—I’m hoping that THCB readers will help. Meanwhile, search is a screaming big deal, so in some snippets of related Health2.0 search engine news that I’m just catching up on:

Curbside.MD has new version of its medical search engine out, it matches tagging with natural languages recognition.

iMedix.com has launched in stealth alpha. Wanna be invited to look? I have a few invites to give out.

Revolution Health and Kosmix have signed a partnership deal in which Kosmix’s technology will categorize Revolution’s site. For more on that see my interview with Venky Harinarayan from Kosmix (transcript to come shortly)

Healthline Networks has had Richard Carmona, former Surgeon General, join its board of directors.

Finally, Molly, a black Labrador of indeterminate age has been traded from the Washington DC dog parks to the city with more dogs than children, San Francisco. In related news Molly’s human pet John Lane has been traded from Revolution to Healthline to strengthen the Marketing bench— one of the first free-agent moves in the new Health2.0 season. Probably not the last!

And in the unintended consequences department, our Dutch correspondent tells THCB that Web2,0 is now being used by schoolkids in the UK looking to organize a mass brawl!

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  1. Matthew,
    OrganizedWisdom is really looking forward to your conference. We’ve been telling lots of folks about it and the buzz is really growing because you have assembled such an amazing group of companies. It’s going to be a jam packed day!
    We can’t wait as we’ll be demoing some big surprises for the first time at Health 2.0 and sharing what we are busy building now.

  2. Matthew,
    Was wondering whether there are any ex-WebMD/ex-Healtheon folks who would like to lead a new Healthcare Web 2.0 startup in Southern California?
    Comments invited from everyone.