JOB POST: National Guidelines Project Manager

Kaiser Permanente’s Care Management Institute (CMI) is a unique,
pioneering institution with a mandate to drive, fund, and catalyze care
management activities throughout our non-profit HMO. CMI strives "to
make the right thing easier to do. The Center for Health Care Delivery is creating a new Knowledge Service/Evidence unit. The National Guidelines Project Manager is responsible for leading and
making significant contributions, and/organizes the development, revisions,
production and dissemination of National, evidence-based guidelines
and practice resources across the organization.
Responsibilities include
all aspects of project management. Interfaces regularly with management
to produce timely and valuable results.
Responses to: Carol.H.Cain@kp.org.

PLEASE remember to include THCB JOB BOARD in the subject of your email.


Responsible for leading and
making significant contributions, and/ organizes the development, revisions,
production and dissemination of National, evidence-based guidelines
and practice resources across the organization. 


  • Leads, makes significant
      contributions, and/or organizes high visibility project to coordinate
      development, revision, production and dissemination of the National
      Guidelines across the organization.  Responsibilities
      include all aspects of project management. Interfaces regularly with
      management to produce timely and valuable results.
  • Develops, organizes,
      prepares and presents project status and information to senior management
      across organization regions and departments. Identifies key points and
      issues for senior leadership. Plans and supports National Guideline Directors and National Guideline Quality
  • Assists in setting
      the strategic direction of project, determining goals and priorities
      with management team and sponsors, establishing team membership and
      negotiating time commitments and resources.
  • Provides leadership
      to multi-disciplinary guideline and practice resource
      development teams across the organization, as well as manages work of
      outside consultants or vendors when used. Includes direct
      communications with national and regional Guideline
      Development teams and National Guideline Directors regarding deadlines,
      project tracking and trouble-shooting.
  • Assists, as needed,
      in planning and coordinating with other ongoing teams and projects to maximize effectiveness (e.g Clinical Library
      staff, Evidence and Implementation Consultants, KPHC project teams).
      Supports department initiatives in leadership, consulting and organizing
      capacities.  Leads program development efforts.  Create tools
      and department documents as needed.
  • Plans, manages and
      implements project within budgetary guidelines while utilizing appropriate
      resources; tracks and reports project budget and expenses.
  • Develops/maintains/oversees
      project tracking schedule; develops tools and processes to adequately
      manage project; handles invoicing; ensures accuracy of reports and report
  • Provides consultation
      and training individually and in partnership with other experts to CMI
      staff, KP clinicians, and regional staff.
  • Assist with special
      project tasks as needed; i.e., metrics design/implementation, evaluation;
      data compilation/report generation; preparation of status reports;
    create mechanisms for
      inclusion of evidence-based content into regional KP Health Connect
      builds and conduct other assignments as needed.
  • Assist with research
      and management of internal and external consultants
    or vendors and advisors.
  • Develop and maintain
      programwide approaches, plans, National Guideline policies, and procedures.
  • Demonstrates departmental
      value to the organization.
  • Contributes ideas,
      processes and tools to assist Care Management Institute in meeting annual
      performance, human resource and financial goals.
  • Acts as CMI liaison
      to program departments or regions for specific projects or tasks.
  • Travel may be required.

[Give one or two examples of decisions or actions to resolve problems
that do not require supervisory guidance or approval.]

  • Able to identify
      key sponsors or projects/tasks and formulates relationship/commitment
      to achieve project objectives.
  • Able to redirect
      project/work team efforts when progress to objectives is stalled or
      barriers to success are encountered.
  • Act
      as liaison and represent KP CMI on agreements and contracts with vendors
      ensuring quality and timely production of vendor products and deliverables.

KEY RELATIONSHIPS  [List customers and how they are served,
including the frequency of contact; list other internal and external
contacts, including the purpose and frequency of contact. Specify participation
on project teams, standing teams, committees, or task forces.]

  • Internal relationships
      will include senior management and middle managers,
      CMI department staff, and work teams composed of staff from all organizational
      levels at Program Office as well as regional and local entities.
  • External relationships
      will include consultants and advisory groups, partner organizations,
      and vendor/suppliers.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS  [List minimum education, formal training,
and computer skills.  List number of years of work experience and
supervisory experience, and licensing (if any).]

  • Bachelor’s degree
      Public Health (with special emphasis in Epidemiology
      and/or Biostatistics) Social Sciences or other related analytic field
      or equivalent experience required.  Master’s degree preferred.
  • 5+ years of experience
      in a project management, analytical or consulting environment required
      including demonstrated ability to manage projects with high level of
      detail, complexity and time constraints; ability to identify issues
      and pose solutions and ensure quality control preferred. 
  • Demonstrated expertise
      in applied quantitative statistics, research methods (study design,
      critical appraisal) and analysis.
  • Knowledge of internet
      search engines and databases; demonstrated expertise in searching for
      scientific literature on the internet and summarizing clinical evidence.


Word Processing:

    X   Inputs and edits
    standard text for routine correspondence and reports.

                Performs sorts and merges, prints mass
    mailings, selects font attributes and changes.

    X  Inputs scientific,
    legal, or bilingual text or develops routine macros; multiple columns;
    routine tables; automatic footnotes, endnotes, or tables of contents.

                Develops complex tables and charts
    (e.g. mathematical formulas, headers, font changes, highlighting, split
    cells).  Imports and exports data and graphics files.

                Develops complex macros.



    X   Inputs and updates
    data to established spreadsheets.

    X   Designs routine
    spreadsheets, sets up routine formulas, prints desired selections.

                Designs complex spreadsheets, with
    multiple-functions formulas, and prints desired sections.  Creates
    graphs and charts.

                Links spreadsheets.  Imports or
    exports spreadsheets to data or word processing files.  Creates
    graphics files and exports to word processing.

                Develops complex spreadsheets involving
    statistical formulas or construction of look-up tables.  Develops
    complex macros.



    X   Enters or edits
    data to existing database files.

                Sets up new database files and recommends
    screen improvements.

                Runs pre-established reports and develops
    routine data lists through the report writer.

                Designs and implements program modifications
    and improvements.  Imports and exports data.

                Develops complex management or scientific
    reports, using multiple databases.


any other software and computer skills required for this position, including
installing software, accessing the server, using a modem, accessing
E-mail, or any hardware skills.]

  • Microsoft Office
      (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Lotus Notes

REQUIRED COMPETENCIES [List skills, behaviors, knowledge,
or characteristics that differentiate superior from average performers
for this position

  • Must be able to
      manage multiple priorities simultaneously
  • Understands and
      can apply the principles of change management
  • Demonstrates flexibility
      and persistence
  • Strong win-win negotiation
  • Able to create enthusiasm
      and cooperation for projects
  • Efficiency and fast
      production are key work skills.
  • Demonstrated ability
      to effectively design, develop, manage, and coordinate evidence-based
      activities among multiple constituents
  • Proven leadership
      skills in project management and consulting. Must exhibit efficiency,
      candor, openness and results orientation. Must be able to engage people
      at all levels of the organization
  • Must demonstrate
      an understanding of the operations of Kaiser Permanente, health care
      industry trends. 



This position consistently
supports compliance and the Principles of Responsibility (Kaiser Permanente’s
Code of Conduct) by maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of information,
protecting the assts of the organization, acting with ethics and integrity,
reporting non-compliance, and adhering to applicable federal, state
and local laws and regulations accreditation and licenser requirements
(if applicable), and Kaiser Permanente’s policies and procedures.
Must be able to work in a Labor-Management Partnership.

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