HEALTH2.0/PHARMA:Drug Companies & Social Media

The ever wonderful Jane Sarasohn Kahn has a great article up at IHealthbeat on the use of Social Media and Health2.0 by drug companies. Her conclusion is that Drug Companies Lag in Adopting Social Media To Communicate With Consumers but that there’s great opportunity to go after compliance and adherence via social media. These BTW are good things for drug companies and patients. Read her article.

And if you can’t get enough JSK (and who can?) Jane will be moderating the kick-off panel with the likes of Google, Yahoo, WebMD and Microsoft explaining their take on Health2.0 at the conference of the same name on September 20th. But she’ll also be talking about social media (along with another "veteran" of that world Joyce Flory) at Dimtriy’s Blogging & Social Networking track in the Marketing to the Health Care Consumer Summit in Chicago earlier that same week.

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