POLICY/HEALTH PLAN: Karen Ignagni lie of the day

AHIP’s response to Sicko. Lined up in “cut to” style with answers but no questions so that it can be dropped into local news (check out the weird “B-roll” at the end). And again some of what she says is reasonable, if not a real reflection of what most of her members have been doing for the last 7 years.

But always the lie, always. She just can’t help it!  Go to minute 1.00 of the video. Note what she says about Canada. And then take a look at the data.

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  1. Fantastic Mr Browning, especially the intro in which you claim that no one makes that argument–even though Ignagni is somewhat caught on video doing it. I also really enjoyed the long correction printed in Health Affairs in which the authors take it all back, and explain how you’re right and they;re wrong.
    Still, now you’re a big TV star and all, good to see that you still talk to the little people over on my humble blog.