PODCAST/TECH: HEALTH2.0/TECH/PODCAST: Interview with Venky Harinarayan, Founder Kosmix

Here’s this week’s interview is with Venky Harinarayan, Founder and (unofficial) CEO at Kosmix. Kosmix wants its new RightHealth site to be the "unofficial home page for health". He’ll tell you about categories and "broad" searching, the intricacies of the search ecosystem, and how Powerset will beat out Google. (OK he may not have said that, but it should get this entry lots of hits!).

This was the first interview when I could see my interviewee over Skype and I found it very unnerving, even though he couldn’t see me!  But you’ll only have to listen. You might well want to play with RightHealth while he’s describing it.

My take is that search is just starting in health care…and that in 2-3 years we won’t recognize it!

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