HEALTH2.0/TECH: PeerWisdom vs OrganizedWisdom

In the great Pacific Northwest, today’s fun start-up is called PeerWisdom, which apparently has pulled down a quick $2m to build something in the patient communities space. They’re not alone of course, and even the articlethat "exposes" them (in an “add”) mentions PatientsLikeMe. And of course DailyStrength and a lot of others are trying to figure out if there’s a there there in not only the patient community realm, but also in using it as a data gathering vehicle. But when one of the most interesting community outfits is called OrganizedWisdom, perhaps PeerWisdom could have thought of another name.

Or perhaps we’re going to get a rash of “wisdom” names and that Charles Mackay dude has lots to answer for.

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