HEALTH2.0/TECH: PeerWisdom vs OrganizedWisdom

In the great Pacific Northwest, today’s fun start-up is called PeerWisdom, which apparently has pulled down a quick $2m to build something in the patient communities space. They’re not alone of course, and even the articlethat "exposes" them (in an “add”) mentions PatientsLikeMe. And of course DailyStrength and a lot of others are trying to figure out if there’s a there there in not only the patient community realm, but also in using it as a data gathering vehicle. But when one of the most interesting community outfits is called OrganizedWisdom, perhaps PeerWisdom could have thought of another name.

Or perhaps we’re going to get a rash of “wisdom” names and that Charles Mackay dude has lots to answer for.

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  1. As if on your cue, we’ve just announced the change of our name from PeerWisdom to Trusera. (We’re not giving up on being wise, just using wisdom in our name!) PeerWisdom was intended to get us through our early funding.
    You should see the official announcement coming across the wire right now.

  2. We’re looking forward to their launch and can’t wait to see their take on the space. Someone posted in SeattlePI that apparently “PeerWisdom” is just a code name while they are in stealth mode.
    From our perspective, the more great, smart entrepreneurs we get into this space to start innovating the better. We all have a lot of work to do to deliver solutions that help people with their health.
    BTW, looking forward to the Health 2.0 Summit. You have truly assembled an amazing group…