THCB Sponsorships

AND NOW … A word from our wonderful sponsors! Just a reminder that it would be impossible for us to publish THCB without the kind assistance of our advertisers. Putting out regular email updates, organizing podcasts, patrolling the bulletin boards for spam and dealing with the inevitable technical issues that arise when you are running a website (dealing with dodgy web hosts, fighting off legions of evil hackers etc. etc. etc.) all require significant time and effort. Not to mention real money. So we’d like to thank our corporate sponsors for their kind support. Particularly platinum sponsor Silverlink, gold sponsor Orion Health, and silver sponsor CDW-Healthcare. If you’d like to help support the site, take a minute to go visit CDW’s online shop and have a look at their cool selection of hand helds, medical monitors and nifty wireless gadgetry designed for the healthcare marketplace.

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