POLICY/POLITICS: The cautious approach

I have another of my occasional pieces up at the Guardian’s Comment is Free site, trying to make sense of American health care for an international audience. I take aim at how the cautious nature of the main Democratic front-runners health care proposals doesn’t match their fiery rhetoric — Comment is free: The cautious approach.

Even though Iraq seems to have sucked all the oxygen out of American
political life at the moment – even Cindy Sheehan has given up and gone
home – healthcare does remain the largest domestic issue.

Several weeks have passed since the Democratic candidates for
president had a debate about healthcare. It’s interesting that despite
an attempt by probable Republican candidate Fred Thompson to take on

documentary filmmaker Michael Moore over the topic, none of the front
runners on the Republican side have made much mention of healthcare at
all. This is doubly curious as one of them, former Massachusetts
Governor Mitt Romney, left office having at least partially helped
make his state the most advanced healthcare reform " laboratory" of
them all. But apparently among the conservatives and evangelicals who
dominate the Republican primaries, the issue of universal healthcare is
not seen as a great vote-getter – a worldview the Republicans might
come to regret. 

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Charles A. Bailey, Phd
Charles A. Bailey, Phd

With each new crop of politicians, including Clinton, I propose a universal health plan that will really work. I realize it is too much of a radical departure for our politicians and bureaucrats, but I keep trying. Take a look and see what you think. I. Insurance policies: Each standardized and computerized policy would have all of its benefits and costs stated in a prescribed and itemized order and worded exactly alike throughout the industry and the nation. The emphasis of the policy would be preventive care rather than crisis. This policy would have no more than four pages with… Read more »

Barry Carol
Barry Carol

I think most people who have employer provided health insurance are satisfied with it. They worry about losing it if they lose their job, and they also worry about rising costs (for both their employer and themselves). The first issue could be dealt with by providing default coverage like the Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan for those who are unemployed, work for a business too small to afford health insurance, or are retired but not yet eligible for Medicare. Premiums could be geared to income with a reasonable cap that approximates the actuarial value of the insurance or up to… Read more »