TECH/HEALTH2.0: The trademark for Health2.0

I’m at IFTF’s meeting today with a group discussion health new media. The Health2.0 term has been used alot and at Dmitriy’s urging I thought I’d clarify something.

Yes I’ve trademarked Health2.0. No, I will not stop anyone using it. I’ll be giving control over the trademark to the collective advisory board for the Health2.0 Conference. All I want to make sure is that no one uses the trademark offensively (pun intended) as for instance has happened with the term eRx.

More from IFTF later…

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Dmitriy Kruglyak

Kudos, Matthew. I am sure you do not want to end up in the same sort of mess as Tim O’Reilly:
Anatomy of a Shitstorm: executive summary by ValleyWag
Details of the case, by the guy O’Reilly’s company sued
I’ll be posting re: IFTF meeting too 🙂