BLOGS/PODCASTS: Dr. Julie Gerberding, Director CDC & Peter Neupert, Microsoft

As you may (or may not) know I’m in a gaggle of bloggers who are posting at the World Health Care Blog—which has been set up surrounding the World Health Care Congress. Yesterday I did two podcasts to whet people’s appetite before the Congress which starts Sunday in Washington DC.

The first was with Dr. Julie Gerberding, Director CDC. We talked about public health, including inevitably this week’s gun violence.

The next was with Peter Neupert who is head of health care at Microsoft. He’ll be on a panel at the Congress with Intel and Google talking about consumer use of health IT, but he also spoke about Microsoft’s general strategy in health care and about Azyxxi (hope I spelt that right!).

And if you’ll be in DC or at the conference please get in touch. I’ll be podcasting from there so I may make you famous!

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  1. Please send me Peter Neuperet/s e mail address and phone number. Please add my name and e mail addess for any e mails that you send out. Especailly matters that pertain to personal helath information as it relates to each patient carrying some sort of a health information card etc.
    Lewis Kuppermann

  2. The politicians wring their hands each time there’s another major shooting but not so much over the day to day ones. Wish I had a clue as to how to get this aspect of public health policy out of the gun lobby’s control.
    After money and influence comes their successful misrepresentation of the constitution in a large segment of the public mind. My best guess is it turns out that our latest “celebrity shooter,” so to speak, like the other ones, turns out not to have been part of any well regulated militia organized for the security of the state after all.
    But these days money trumps truth in America almost everywhere you look. At least Al Gore’s been a breath of fresh air even though it’s not clear that the answer is blowin’ in the wind just yet…