PHARMA/POLICY: John Tierney covers the Hurwitz Trial

John Tierney, who sadly gave up his libertarian op-ed column in the NY Times reports on the William Hurwitz trial. Regular THCB readers will remember how appalling the DEA is in its draconian persecution of pain doctors, and how they deliberately changed their own guidelines during this trial and removed them from their website because the defense was going to show that Hurwitz prescribed by them.

If I believed in hell, I’m sure that DEA head honcho Karen Tandy would be going there for her statement that Hurwitz deserved 25 years because he “was no different from a cocaine or heroin dealer peddling poison on the street corner.” But apparently Tandy’s travels are instead taking her to more interesting locales at the taxpayer’s expense.

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  1. Thank God for John Tierney! His article in the NYTimes “At Trial, Pain Has a Witness” describes what people in severe pain go through. I was blessed to find a physician similiar to Dr. Hurwitz. Suicide was on my mind as she tried every pain numbing technique, device, and medication before finally prescribing an opoid. It would be a crime to convict her, or, Dr. Hurwitz. Thank you, John Tierney, for telling the whole truth. sj

  2. Ms. Tandy, “I look forward to learning more from you about the strategy and approaches that we are here to discuss involving drug prevention, drug treatment, and drug enforcement.”
    I wish she’d stay home and use that, “strategy and approaches” on the FDA. She’d save more lives.