TECH/PODCAST: RHIOs, physician messaging et al–the word from Axolotl’s Ray Scott

Ray Scott is CEO of Axolotl. Ray is a British egghead (a math whiz) who somehow got himself dragged over to California  in the mid-1990s. Since then, and quietly building on a great success in the oddball Northern California surfing mecca of Santa Cruz, Axolotl has been putting in the infrastructure for messaging between health care system participants (and rather more than just that) in lots of different communities. And they’ve embraced the RHIO concept as part of their marketing–(something I keep telling their marketing whiz Nicole Spencer is a bad idea!)

As you know, I’m not a convert to the RHIO concept, so I was keen to hear Ray explain all about what Axolotl does, why they’ve been growing in recent years and how they’re going to keep being successful. Listen here–a transcript will come soon.

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