QUALITY: Plantar warts, duct tape and the real cure

David Williams at Health Business Blog pokes some fun at some investigators looking into a cure for plantar warts who used the wrong type of duct tape in trying to figure out if this cure works. (He calls it File this in the “What were they thinking category?”).

However, having had one of those miserable bastards (a wart that generates it’s own dang blood supply) and failed to get rid of it in the conventional way (acid that  kills the rest of the skin on the foot but not the plantar wart) I know the answer. It’s this stuff. http://www.amoils.com/warts.html Works exactly as advertised. This is the only medical product I’ve ever endorsed, and no they’re not paying me and don’t know about this posting! (OK, so it’s an “n” of one, but these guys are still in business 4 years later….)

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