BLOGS: Health Wonk Review Submission RULES for march 22

HWR makes a stop at The Health Care Blog tomorrow Thursday March 22. Please read this if you want to submit (which I do encourage!). The submission deadline is Weds (today) at 5pm PST.

Thinking back to the previous time I hosted HWR, I believe that the current set of submission tools make life very difficult for the host & despite certain improvements, that is still the case. In fact both TMBN Trusted.Md and Blog Carnival Submission are inferior to the original site Shahid Shah set up a long time back. So in order to prevent me throwing my toys out of the pram, I am requesting AND REQUIRING the following mode of submission for this week. These will take you LESS TIME THAN submitting the other way, but more importantly it will save me about 2-3 hours. 2-3 hours I don’t currently have to waste.


f you have already submitted via one of those systems–I apologize but this goes for you too, so please start over.

So PLEASE for this round of HWR:


1) Write a brief piece exactly as though you were hosting HWR. The
piece should include who you are, your blog name (italicized but not
linked)), what your posting is about with the relevant links to THE
POSTING ONLY embedded at the correct place. But MOST importantly, it
should read like one or perhaps two continuous sentences that require
NO REWRITING FROM ME. That means it should be in the THIRD person.

2) If you like you can put that in whatever software you use to
create your blog postings, then take the HTML version of that post and
email it to me; or you can just create it in straight HTML. Either way
you already do this everytime you post to your own blogs so please do
it here as well

3) Put the HTML version of that post in a TEXT email and send it to
me at matthew@matthewholt.net. If you use outlook you can convert your
outbound email to "Plain text" under the "Format" drop-down menu


Writing at <em>The Health Care Blog</em>, Matthew Holt
was fascinated by <a
problems Sierra Health Services was having with its new Part D
plan</a>. He thinks that it shows exactly why health care
insurance reform requires Enthoven-style managed competition
regulation, or else the market is doomed to fraud and failure.

You can see that if you were to cut and paste that piece of
text/code and drop it in the html editor of any blogging software it
would come out looking ready to go. That is what I want from you.

I of course reserve the right to do edits, but I’d much rather have
you express yourselves about your posts than have me interpret them for
you, and more importantly, I believe that hosting a review should NOT
be a burden on the host. Which last time, despite my pleas, it
certainly was.

Finally, I MEAN IT this time. I am NOT accepting admissions in any
other format. I am delighted that so many hosts have been able to put
in the work in the past to transform the output of the engines to
something ready to go, but I am not prepared to do it any more when the
solution is so simple.

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