TECH: Self-serving press release of the day

Stark Study by GE Healthcare Predicts Accelerated Electronic Medical Record Adoption within the Next Year

“Stark Relaxation has created a tremendous opportunity for physicians to overcome the many barriers that prevent them from adopting EMR systems, most notably cost,” said Mike Raymer, Vice President and General Manager, Product Strategy and New Business Initiatives for GE Healthcare Integrated IT Solutions. “By allowing hospitals and other entities to provide EMR technology to physician practices at a subsidy of up to 85 percent, physicians are now better positioned to implement these comprehensive systems and provide a complete and current picture of a patient’s medical history – helping physicians raise the quality and improve the safety of healthcare.”

This is a bit of a Joe Namath guaranteeing a win story. Hmm, if there aren’t some pretty big Centricity/IDX wins in the next year, do you think that Mike Raymer will want to be reminded of this study?

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