LAT: Kaiser doc ordered fatal dose By John Irvine

The Los Angeles Times reports that police in Orange County and the Medical Board of California are investigating a Kaiser surgeon involved in the death of a patient under suspicious circumstances at Sierra Medical Center in San Louis Obisbo. Dr. Hootan Roozrokh is alleged to have "hastened" the death of a potential organ donor by ordering that he be given a lethal dose of painkillers. Roozrokh was suspended by Kaiser over the incident in May, at about the same time that the HMO ordered its controversial transplant program closed.

Picking up from the Times report:

State law specifies that transplant doctors cannot direct the treatment
of potential organ donors before they are declared dead. This
restriction is designed, in large part, to assuage concerns that organ
retrieval might take priority over patient care.In this case,
however, Roozrokh entered the operating room at Sierra Vista and was
directing the administration of drugs to Navarro, the sources said. When
the patient didn’t die, Roozrokh allegedly told nurses: "Let’s just
give him some more candy," according to a person who was briefed on
what took place but spoke on condition of anonymity because of the
ongoing investigations.

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