Hospitals: Army pledges fixes at Walter Reed By John Irvine

Less than 24 hours after this weekend’s two part series in the Washington Post on substandard conditions at an outpatient facility at Walter Reed Medical Center, Army officials and VA spokespeople were at the facility apologizing and pledging repairs. An undercover investigation by Post reporters Dana Priest and Anne Hull found serious problems at Mologne House, ranging from run down conditions in patient rooms to shocking levels of bureaucratic incompetence

From the Post’s report:   

The common perception of Walter Reed is of a surgical hospital that shines as the crown jewel of military medicine. But 5 1/2 years of sustained combat have transformed the venerable 113-acre institution into something else entirely — a holding ground for physically and psychologically damaged outpatients.

The story was quickly picked up by the national press. White House spokesman Tony Snow found himself dodging questions from the press corps about the way the Bush Administration has handled care for veterans returning from the war. Democrats called on the Department of Defense to launch an investigation into conditions at nearby Bethesda Naval Medical Center, where critics allege similar problems have been ignored in the past.

The Associated Press reports that the Army has launched a formal investigation into Michael J. Wagner, the VA official who until recently ran the outpatient center in question. Wagner now heads the Military, Veteran and Family Assistance Foundation,
a Dallas based charity that specializes in providing care for troops
returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. He is accused of raising funds for
the charity while still working as a VA employee.

Three years ago, a story like this would have been considered off
limits by editors worried that readers might be offended.  Expect more
pieces like it to follow as other journalists follow the Post’s lead.

The killer quote of the day: “If Iraq don’t kill you. Walter Reed will.”

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Jackie MacCoy
Jackie MacCoy

I have known Dr. Mike Wagner since 1977. He is a brilliant man, a creative, intuitive individual who no doubt saw many things wrong with the system and then came up with a better way to help the hurting…..with the MVFA…..He is very dedicated to his work. The way they are running him down before knowing all of the facts is truly typical treatment that anyone who is not a liberal Democrat receives these days !!! (“Sandy Burgler” of Clinton Administration fame…….who gets off scott free…..). If they are looking for a scapegoat in all of this, they might try… Read more »

William H. Heino Sr.
William H. Heino Sr.

The out patients at Walter Reed having to fill their prescriptions, some will find they are paying double the cost for their medication. = While the media publish that the VA is warning veterans of telephone prescription scams, the VA continues it’s own in house prescription scam on millions of veterans. I thought that I would provide some insight as to one aspect of the workings of VA affecting prescription co-payments over-charges. = As you may know, veterans pay a co-pay of $8.00 for each 30-day prescription. However, there are well over 1.1 million VA prescriptions that veterans are being… Read more »

John Irvine

Folks, keep the discussion thread going, but can you post on the more recent entry on Walter Reed?

david palmer
david palmer

Well, yesterday as I wrote the solicited comment below to the Reserve Officers Association of the United States, I thought that I should mention that when it is all said and done we will find out that the problems at Walter Reed Army Medical Center are related to contractors, just as is the issues with TRICARE, TRS, TDP and the rest of military medical care. I didn’t, but I am now. Last evening before going to bed I saw an article on the internet speaking of the issues at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. As I read it, I kept… Read more »


Well, this shows the fallacy of a socialized medicine system. We have the greatest health care system money can buy. If we opened veteran heath care to the free market, these guys would be able to get great health care. It’s time to let the market solve this. I say close Walter Reed altogether.


The Regimental Surgeon of the U.S. Marines Manuel Tanguma has inquired about the use of a medical device proven to aide in the prevention of concussion in NFL players. The NFL’s concussion expert was forced to resign last week because of his concussion policy and omission of these statistics. NFL statistics confirmed in an AAOP study that warranted further study, that was never done. Dr. Tanguma has communicated with a Harvard MGH researcher about a proposed study at Walter Reed. Now we understand, why it hasn’t happened, the Red Tape of the military bureaucracy. This is a medical procedure many… Read more »

Support the Vets

This is an outrage. Maybe it will open the door on all of the bulls**t that vets have to go through when they come home.
With 400,000 vets waiting for their disability, is it any wonder that we now have over 1000 HOMELESS Iraq war vets in this country?!!
If you havent seen it yet, check out this trailer for a new film about homeless Iraq War veterans:


I’m glad the Post has finally gotten the cajones to investigate and report on this outrage.
Now if they’d only done their jobs back in ’03 BEFORE we went into this maelstrom…