INTERNATIONAL: Having run ahead on primary care PCP, Brits copying Medicare on hospital P4P

The Brits have decided that in at least some regions their hospitals are going to try American style P4P

Health bosses have announced a plan to reward hospitals for low death and infection rates and few readmissions. NHS North West said it was piloting a scheme where cash bonuses are paid to hospitals following the success of a similar programme in the US. Trusts will compete for a total pot of £1.5 million, with any ranking in the top 10 per cent or 20 per cent getting a share. Initially, payments will be made for treatments for heart failure, pneumonia, heart bypass grafts, and hip and knee replacements. But critics said people would expect hospitals to be prioritising safe care anyway.

Don’t forget that on the primary care side they’ve been well ahead of anyone else. Although that’s had it’s issues too. The first year the GPs beat their targets so easily, they’ve made lots more money then the government thought they would.

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