My dad told me never to become a doctor. As I failed physics "O" Level and wandered off into social sciences that was probably sound counsel for me, but in general his advice may not have been correct. With the bonus payments and a bunch of other incentives, it looks like British GPs are really making out these days. Apparently average income is now north of 100K GBP, which is far in excess of income for primary care docs over here (if you take it at the $2 to 1GBP exchange rate).

And they are pretty happy about it, or as we Chelsea fans say "top of the league and having a laugh"

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  1. Certainly a better method (contract negotiation) to budget for healthcare than letting docs just do their own profit thing with no controls. Another aspect to this pay raise;
    “The negotiations were conducted against a back-drop of significant issues about the recruitment and retention of GPs and concerns about patient safety because of doctors working too many hours.” Fair considerations.
    Another point made recently about education and job selection was the increasing cost of getting a college education. The debt loads are so high that graduates feel they must persue the high paying jobs just to handle their debt load. So when we are short of degree necessary, but low paying jobs like teachers, we may well want to rethink the process started by Reagan to turn grants into high interest loans and predatory collection methods allowed for education lenders.

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