TECH/BLOGS: Case preaches open health care

This I like. Steve Case has his own blog at Revolution Health, called The Revolution Manifesto.

There was lots of interest about him on the Webinar I did this morning. And no, Indu, I’m not going to declare a winner between Revolution and Google Health right now. That’d be like saying who’s going to win the 2010 World Cup!

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  1. Wish Case good luck, but the big disconnect in health/disease management and the success or lack of for health web sites is that people want info when they are not well unless they are the worried well. If you are going to have a ubiquitous EHR, there would have to be a draw for people to enter their data and push the info to them. Without good filtering, physicians don’t want to wade theu the white noise to get the cogent data they would want to offer improved care to their patients.