TECH/POLICY: Yet another PHR, and some info on me speaking

There’s a new PHR for university students in Nebraska only. Not that that really says much other than the buzz around them continues. In response to a question over at HISTalk, I want to remind y’all that many of my latest opinions on PHRs and Health2.0 will be given on Tuesday at the Center for Ix Therapy’s webinar on the topic starring  moi and Josh Seidman. It was so popular they were forced to triple the number of lines they’re using to over 150 sites. This may be my draw at the gate in action, but it’s more likely it’s the combination of the topic and the price (nada).

The price is because the session is a marketing piece for the Center–and if you are the
right kind of corporation/health care organization, I would highly
recommend membership and their annual conference in Park City, Utah, as it’s a deal. They never got around  to opening it up for THCB readers as they (probably rightfully!) suspected that some of you lot weren’t likely to pay up to join the center. But a recording of the webinar with the slides will be up on their site at some point.

Still if your organization would like to know more about PHRs or any other health care topic, you know that I can be persuaded to talk. More info behind the speaking link.

And on the speaking topic, this coming Wednesday I’ll be in Vegas on a panel at a conference on Transparency in Health Care which includes sensible libertarian Michael Cannon from Cato. He’s promised to spend the entire monthly contribution that Exxon-Mobile gives Cato on a big night out for me there….pity he doesn’t work for AEI.

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  1. Matt,
    Hope you’ll join us at the NHIN demo this Thurs-Friday in DC, all the usual suspects, cutting edge. CapMed’s the PHR partner for that portion of the NHIN run by IBM.
    Stephen Keeler

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