POLITICS: Sacramento, We Have A Problem

Up at Spot-on I’m discussing Arnie’s plan Sacramento, We Have A Problem. As ever, return here to comment.

When looking at the Golden State’s governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and
his attempt to fix health care, I am reminded of a movie. Not one of
his, rather the scene in Apollo 13
when the crew on the ground had to figure out some wacky mechanical fix
that would enable the guys out in space to filter their oxygen without
using more than the two amps of power they had available. It seems that
we have a similar situation. The prognosis is grim, but the political
reality is that, like the Apollo crew, we need to use the limited
resources at hand.

Schwarzenegger taken on a big job and, it seems, entering his final
four years as governor – a political career that began on a whim – he
doesn’t much care who he takes on. Given that California is roughly 10%
of the nation, with a higher than 10% share of the nation’s uninsured,
most people were expecting that Schwarzenegger would identify covering
all children as the extent of his health-care ambition. Children are
politically palatable – when it comes to health and medicine. But
Schwarzenegger didn’t stop with the children. Instead he actually
believed all the stuff he was saying about all options being on the
table to cure the system and has acted accordingly.

In an address on Monday he introduced a plan
that actually went further towards universal coverage than the one
State Senator Pro Tem Don Perata introduced late last year.
Schwarzenegger called for full universal coverage, and promised to get
there by a mix of what’s known as pay or play – a mandate that
employers must cover their employees or pay a tax – and an individual
mandate compelling citizens to buy health insurance. The details of the
plan are very complex but understandable. Continue Post

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  1. I’m really not sure that universal health care is doable without
    watering down an already vibrant and advancing medical system. This
    nation is on the tip of the spear when it comes to quality health care
    techniques and physician skill sets. The problem is not our medicine
    rather it is our legal system. Until we really get down to brass tacks
    and stop the frivolous law suits and mal-practice litigation our system
    is doomed to be only for those with good jobs and solid healthcare
    insurance providers through consortiums and employer provided plans.
    Doctors are just too scared to take on anything that seems even the
    slightest bit risky. They pay a huge portion of their salaries just to
    cover their proverbial butts! This is a very huge reason we pay so much
    for our healthcare today. If we can find a way to get our healthcare out
    of the courts and into the examination room I think we will see a lot of
    doors open up for all walks of life.
    I do think we should educate ourselves to approach a more holistic life
    and use good common healthy practices in our happy existence. Stop
    eating so much crap and start to exercise more. Use natural remedies and
    homeopathic science before we are in need of reactionary treatment. It
    seems that every time I even step foot into a department store anymore
    it’s full of people riding around in motorized wheel chairs and
    scooters. I guess I should just be impressed that they are out and about
    instead of being cooped up but I can’t help but notice the increase in
    sheer numbers of people using them. I just think we need to make every
    effort to control our health before we need an E.R. Team to zap us back
    into existence.
    Please visit my web site at http://www.thehealerstore.com I could use the
    business. You know……to pay for my health insurance! 🙂
    Have a beautiful life!