POLICY/POLITICS: Health care reform all the rage

Arnie is yakking about health care. Over at Spot-on where I’ll be penning a weekly column this year (honest!) I explain why it’s mostly much ado about nuttin’.

Well you can’t trust these people, can you? No sooner than I’d spent all last year explaining why the time wasn’t quite right for health care reform by 2008
then just because they eke out a small electoral win, the Democrats—and
every non-loony conservative Republican—comes out with their own health
care reform plans.The new Congress hasn’t even found out where to molest the pages and already Senator Ron Wyden has introduced a comprehensive plan to eliminate employer-based health insurance,
and transform it to a highly regulated individual market.  Not to be
beaten to the punch, AHIP, the insurance industry lobbying group, has
announced a universal insurance plan
that doesn’t get us close to universal insurance, but miraculously
involves lots of government subsidies for insurance companies. Even
more bizarrely, Kaiser Permanente, which signed on to the AHIP plan
despite the distaste with which they must view some of the other
members of the AHIP board, introduced their own separate plan for California. Continue

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  1. …then everyone’s second best choices is to do nothing. You’re so right Tom,

  2. One way to make sure nothing happens is for everyone to bring forth his own plan. This way, no single plan can gain a plurality of support, and…