POLICY: Ezra Klein world takeover on track

Ezra Klein is famous today–he has (I think) his second fifth or sixth op-ed in the LA Times, and this one is about universal healthcare and whay that debate is coming back. My only problem with the debate coming back now is that I think it’s too soon and things aren’t bad enough for us to get to more than the debate–as in get an actual solution. But then I’m a pessimist.

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John Fembup

It would be more than nice if commentators were careful to be clear about the fundamental difference between health care and health insurance. But many commentators – unfortunately even well-known ones such as Ezra Klein – aren’t so careful. Instead, they often seem to mean the term “healthcare” as a codeword that refers to and mixes together both health care and health insurance. It confuses health care with health insurance, it confuses the different problems associated with each, and it confuses the readers. I think it’s carelessness. For example, why is health insurance expensive? Because “profits” are high? Piffle. The… Read more »