POLITICS: Students interrupt Iran president

Students interrupt Iran president

The president’s speech was interrupted several times by students, ADWAR reported. Ahmadinejad responded by accusing the protesting students of having no shame and being on the payroll of the United States, according to ADWAR. But he added that he loved each one of them and said, "You insult me but I will respond to you calmly.

Given that he’s a complete nut, it’s good to see that some very brave protestors are letting him know that fact. But I thought it was kind of ironic given that the current American President went through his entire first term (and most of is second) having protestors removed from his speeches before he got there, and the few that ever did get in were roughed up by the Secret Service. The Iranian President apparently spoke to some of the protestors after his speech (presumably so they could be identified and dragged off to jail…).

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