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  1. ROTFLMAO-WTF! The irony is I just wrote a Web 2.0 for whistleblowers post tonight.
    The only thing that depresses me more than Kaiser’s ability to get away the crap it gets away with is the Tragedy of the Social Media Commons. When a spot on the web becomes especially visible, and it can be gained (or rather gamed) by click-farm votes or financial resources, then a few 800 pound gorillas will soon control that space. Since an increasing amount of resources is needed to hold onto that space, it turns into a massive money-sucking black hole of stupidity. And the waste of human capital spreads to all the middlemen who offer pseudo-products like this. I think these remarks from India point out the basic problem: paying for placement in trusted venues degrades trust in those venues. I also liked the idea that it should be a point of PR pride that a trusted source recognized your contribution without any gaming of the system required.