My article about VISICU, complete with allusions to rockumentaries, is up at Digital Health & Productivity

A new star’s emergence meets with wild success.
Then problems emerge and it looks like the dream is over, until he or
she makes a storming comeback. VH1 fans will recognize the Behind the Music format, but this might be the story of

VISICU’s technology creates a remote control
room–the eICU–with video links and feeds from equipment in physical
intensive care units (ICUs) and hospital IT systems. All this
information goes through a rules engine that delivers alerts to the
doctors and nurses staffing the eICU. VISICU says its solution of
remote perpetual management, based on the alerts, leads to better
patient outcomes compared to traditional ICU management in an era of
intensivist shortages.


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  1. No, I think this is canary in the coal mine for anyone selling packaged IT systems to hospitals.
    Think Kaiser / EPIC situation as another canary and look at what happened to companies like Siebel in general enterprise IT market.
    Big meltdown is right around the corner.

  2. VISICU is the canary in the coal mine for doctor involvement in all types of telemonitoring — not just in the ICU. From a doctor’s POV, “If you can’t make telemonitoring work in a structured environment like an ICU, how could it ever work in your grandma’s house?”
    I’m glad to see that VISICU has come up with a credible rationale to explain why it got booted from Kaleida Health — and how to improve for the future:
    “…client hospitals need to have a medical director and operations director in place to “feed and water the program” …the lack of those functions may have caused the problems at Kaleida.”