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  1. Very good read- thank you~
    I’ve read many authored papers and have always had the underlying suspicion of their accuracy and how they are affecte by the concealment of financial conflict of interests.
    With a little search engine practice -even a non-professional person like myself, can “follow the money” of these conflicts. Initially, by starting with a CV of a medical researcher… which invariably leads to some type of authored paper – replete with conclusive statements in a medical journal. i.e. NEMJ
    Researchers used to be able to stay incognito in dark little labs – stacking up clinical trial results of a new procedure or device. But these days, they are basically investors. Their real mission is to tip off their medical pals about their latest journal reports –which is a subliminal suggestion that a potential stock investment is in the works.
    Too many people have been sacrificed because of the lust for cash from succesful patents. Today’s patient community has come into its own lust for information and lately is singing an old song “Everything you do – everywhere you go……I’ll be watching you”…
    Somebody has to.
    Miss K