BLOGS/TECH/QUALITY: HealthTrain, the Open Healthcare Manifesto

Yesterday saw the official launch of HealthTrain, the Open Healthcare Manifesto. Dmitriy Kruglyak has been working on this for some time with a large group of collaborators, and I have joined several others to sign on. The manifesto lays down some principles for how the new media of social networks and open access to publishing technology (e.g. blogging) ought to be used within health care. It’s an interesting and common sense filled set of guidelines which I hope will give the concept of “open healthcare” some visibility and some direction.

So instead of perusing my blog today, I hope that instead you’ll read the manifesto (It’s only about 12 pages).

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  1. Thanks for getting the word out, Matthew.
    I would make an extra comment to all your readers. Bring up these ideas with your friends and colleagues, as social media will be directly affecting everyone in healthcare very soon.