THCB: It’s a big month here!

Judging by my sitemeter October will blow any other month out of the water for traffic here on THCB with more than 25,000 visits and on the way to 50,000 page views. Part of the reason is the exposure we got on ABCNews and EzraKlein’s site, but hopefully some of it is more people realizing that there’s good stuff about the intricacies of health care on this blog! I’d like to thank John, who keeps the buses running on time, my contributors, my commenters, and my advertisers.

Next week we’re going to start with another podcast from Don Kemper, CEO of Healthwise and doyen of the information therapy movement, and later I’ll be doing a podcast with three leaders of “Health2.0” companies.

Talking of podcasts you’ll see a new ads this week from Vimo, and some new sponsored links from GSK and Health1to1. Please go check them out. I’m nowhere close to making any money off this blog, but at lease these folks are putting in enough to ensure that we can keep the lights on, and enough to afford that the podcasts can be transcribed! (Speaking of Vimo, their study on the costs of setting up an HSA account is very interesting indeed!)

And of course I want to thank my readers for coming! Please keep coming back!

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  1. Congratulations on the traffic! Your site is always filled with thought-provoking and informative material. Keep up the great work!

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