POLICY: Six Dirty Little Health Care Secrets

I’m up at Spot-on talking about Six Dirty Little Health Care Secrets. Comments back here if you like….

With no lurid sex scandal this week and apparently little public interest or Congressional caring about what’s going on overseas, ABC News and USA Today have turned to the health care system to fill some air time and column inches. As you may have heard, ABC’s even been wise enough to ask a couple of bloggers – yes, I’m one of them – to chime in on the debate.

They were asking for solutions to the health care crisis. But asking
for that’s pretty much a waste of time. Americans may hate their health
care system, but they apparently like their health care providers and
even think that their costs are OK. Or at least that’s what one survey
said. But suveys don’t tell the whole story – they serve as a kind of
cover for the real reasons it’s so hard to change the system we live

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