BLOGS: Signs that health care blogging is dead, or about to become so

Both the CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston and Health Affairs have blogs. Neither seems intent on publishing more than once a week, and neither asked me for consulting help about it!  For Health Affairs you have to preregister to comment. And it’s not even the same username and password as your current subscriber one—and after registering they never sent me the email with my new PW as promised. John Igleheart, if you’re reading, make it a little easier, eh?

Later……Credit where credit is totally due. Kathleen Ford, webmeister at Health Affairs stayed late on a Friday to sort out my login problems with good humor, and I got to admit that I’m looking forward to Uwe skwering the assorted no-goods in a blog format. But he may not be the most 2.0 guy you can think of–he doesnt even put his email address on his business card! (I know I’ve got one of them!)

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