PHARMA/POLICY: U.S. Drops Program to Halt Discount Drugs From Canada

U.S. Drops Program to Halt Discount Drugs From Canada

The federal government plans to halt a controversial crackdown on discount drugs mailed from Canadian pharmacies to U.S. customers, removing a significant hurdle to Americans buying cheaper medications from abroad.

So 80% of Seniors support importing Rx from Canada, and the DOJ backs off its crackdown on imports.

Could there just possibly be an election coming up soon? Just possibly, could these two events be related?

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    OK now that I’ve plugged my blog in I would like to comment on how the FDA is protecting Big Pharma more than the consumers. The FDA states they won’t allow importation from Canadian pharmacies because they can’t guarantee the quality of their medication. And most agree that this is obviusly not true.
    Did you know that most of the drugs on Canada’s shelves come from the same manufacturers that are shipping into America? If it’s so unsafe then why do the governors of Boston and Springfield buy their city employees and welfare recipients prescription medication online from Canadian pharmacies? Our government is the #1 importer of prescription drugs from Canadian pahrmacies. The US uses the Canadian medications to deliver to foreign countries in need of humanitarian aid and to fill prescriptions for our armed forces.
    The government has decided to no use the “terrorism” threat since we aren’t witnessing a massive amount of Canadians dying from their medications. They are trying to scare people away from Canada by saying that terrorists might target the Canadian drugs supply. The fact is the FDA has absolutely “0” evidence that support terrorist are or will target the Canadian drug market. That is why the The governors of Boston, Springfield, etc.. have been able to see through the FDA’s misinformation and lies and started ordering medications from Canadian pharmacies so that they can save money for there cities and states.
    It is evident the FDA is not trying to protect the best interest of the American people…they are protecting big Pharma’s stangle hold on the U.S. drug market. If the FDA does not allow Americans to shop other markets that have much lower prices a.k.a. price controls then ultimately big Pharma will continue to charge as much as they want for their medication.

  2. Funny part is that this is not necessary if you are truely needy. My little brother was about to buy an $800 antifungal from Canada, when I told him to just call the company and see if he qualifies for a discount. He did and got it for $200, less than what the canadian pharamacy wanted.

  3. Now there’s the fear factor that big pharma likes to put forward, that Canada is selling black market drugs that will kill you – hogwash! The Canadaian drug market is probably better regulated and safer than our great FDA which has been bought and paid for by the drug industry, courtesy of the present junta in power. Show me the dead bodies of U.S. citizens using Canadian drugs. And why would Canadian druggists sell black market drugs any more than ones here?

  4. There’s nothing evil about allocating available quantities based on actual prescription demand.
    Which raises the real question: Where do Canadian pharmacies source their products from? You may recall that Mediplan’s founder would not say where he gets his drugs after the FDA warning in August.
    In other words, the new policy is great news for the counterfeit drug industry!

  5. Reimportation is not the solution for America. I figure this has been dropped because the drug companies have figured out how to control it themselves. They have begun a program of monitoring buying habits of druggists and figuring out who’s exporting what. They then restrict supply to the pharmacies they know are buying way over their usual local market needs.
    But the irony of Washington is that they don’t have the backbone to impliment good public policy, so they rely on the good public policy of another country to take off the heat. Now they can have it both ways, continued bribes from big pharma, and an image of being concerned about voters.