POLICY/BLOGS: Comments, and debate right here on THCB

It’s Friday, it’s still the late summer, and people are drifting back to work…few comments on any of the posts. But wait!

On one tiny post here on THCB, debate and comment fever has broken out with over 65 back and forth comments. If you’ve missed it, go look at the debate, largely inspired by Jack Lohman, who’s book on the corrupting influence of money on politics is the basis for quite some ranting—from a Republican who favors single payer no less!

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  1. We all know that medicine concierge has been a favorite topic of bloggers lately. May be, bloggers ( who are professionally buisnessmen) don’t like physicians to get into the buisenss of concierge? 🙂

  2. Commenting on figures on the consultant workforce published recently by NHS Scottish Health Statistics, Mr Clive Davis, chairman of the BMA’s Scottish Consultants Committee,