PHYSICIANS/PHARMA/TECH: A take on the news, sort of

Things we already knew:

Doctors are poor at judging their own abilities. It’s a bit like everyone says they’re a good driver, but that 75% of drivers are terrible.

Merck earnestly believes that it was as pure as the driven snow over Vioxx and never knew that it was dangerous until it took it off the market(who knew about Dodgeball, eh — let alone what Kaiser knew several months earlier).

Little girls don’t really cry tears of stone

Things that I don’t think we did know

Online PHR use is up to 7% by July. Which is about 6% higher than they said it was 2 years ago.

According to the survey, commissioned by UnitedHealth Group and conducted by Harris Interactive ® , only 7 percent of U.S. adults use online personal health records and 35 percent of people surveyed were not even aware this resource technology exists.

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