POLICY: Starring on NPR

Not quite, but the local NPR station had a show on poverty, the middle class et al, and the TCS/Hoover /ExxonMobil representative David Henderson came out with the standard crap line about how we were getting more for our health care dollars. Given the recent Cutler piece I just had to pick up the phone and tell him that we weren’t. Unfortunately they cut me off before I had a chance to respond to his "well you go after the hanging fruit first so it’s bound to get more expensive" argument. He failed to note that there’s a point at which you stop going after the fruit well out of your reach, but that we live in a society in which the government has abdicated its fruit grabbing responsibility  and has a allowed a system in which we bow down to the orchard owners and the companies who make ladders.

Meanwhile, his argument in favor of greater income inequality (which is what I originally called the show about) is that we have fluid classes so you’re not surveying the same people all the time…..sadly they’re not as fluid as they are in those stagnant European nations. But it sounds like Henderson got himself in the right class, and I guess it’s just tough luck on those who got themselves in the wrong one.

I’ll get the audio link up when it’s available….

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