POLICY/POLITICS: California’s single payer bill, by Eric Novack

I don’t know why a bill that’s destined for a veto in a state he doesn’t  live in gets Eric Novack so worked up, but it does. So here’s his take on Sheila Kuehl’s single payer bill getting past the state Senate. And I won’t even mention that a Lewin study (all hail the mighty and authoratitive Lewin) showed that single payer would save California $353 billion over ten years (oops I just did!). So guess what’s Eric’s verdict is.

Many of you are aware that the California State Senate has just passed ‘universal health insurance’ for California.  The bill creates a single payer system with the details of funding to be worked out over time.  But it requires that all current Medicaid dollars and Medicare dollars (that’s all Part A and Part B) go into the pool.
It also creates an unbelievable bureaucracy—all unelected.  The new unelected health czar would be given control (along with an remarkably specific number of various board members—all appointed by the way) over nearly every aspect of healthcare delivery in the state.
The main beneficiaries – illegal immigrants, since the bill expressly states than anyone who resides in California is covered.  American citizens traveling in California—who will actually be footing the bill through federal tax revenues – would of course be billed for the cost of services provided in the state.
Fortunately, the Governor will likely veto this bill. For those of you who have a very strong stomach—read the bill yourself and marvel at the wishful thinking and special interest appeasement of a majority of California’s State Senate members.
But I do have to give you one gem of a quote from the KFF coverage: Chris Ohman, president and CEO of the California Association of Health Plans, said insurance companies can more effectively manage costs than the government  My Mr Ohman’s nose is getting very, very long!