JOBS: Wanna go to the middle east?

No, I’m not offering a one-way trip to Baghdad. This sounds a whole lot better. 

A colleague in the recruiting world is looking for 3 senior nursing directors and 3 medical directors to work in the United Arab Emirates. Salaries (not including a whole lot of ex-pat benefits) are around $93,000~$142,000 for the nursing directors and $351,000~$547,000 for the medical directors. First $82,400 is tax free, worth around $25,000 ($82,400 * .3 tax bracket). If you’re interested ship me a resume and I’ll put you in touch.

Sadly I have no RN or MD degree…..

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  1. Hi
    Saw this interest in recruiting 3 medical directors in the middle east.
    Still available ?
    More details will be appreciated