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I’ m having a tough medical day myself so today I’m just sending you to two excellent bloggers—John Mack at the Pharma Marketing Blog on the new deconstruction of off-label marketing of Neurotin and its implications for consumer marketing, and MrHISTalk on a radical new (I think) interfacing company

Finally, here’s more proof if you need it that the health care system sucks, and the health care financing system especially for the poor sucks really badly— from the Commwealth Fund and Harris.

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  1. Indeed they would be and should be. The money being made in the health care system should go to those who are critical to the system’s integrity. That does not (or should not) include the CEOs that are now riding high, like the one that just received a $1.6 billion stock package. But physicians seem to have accepted the current “free market” approach that is going to bite them badly in the future. They must reject the current direction or learn a backup trade.

  2. After the health care system is corrected in the future, will physicians still be allowed to profit from their knowledge and labor, as they do today?

  3. The health care system sucks and will continue to suck until we get campaign contributions out of the political system. Over $100 million per year from the “for profit” health care industry (HMOs, pharma, insurance, hospitals and medical assoc) will ensure that things are going to get a lot worse before they get any better. I prefer a Medicare-for-all system but the MBAs are winning this one. I hope physicians step up to the plate before the MBAs get what they want; an HMO-for-all system.

  4. I looked at the Commonwealth Fund survey and the opinions, it seems that calls for “Fundamental Change”, “Complete Rebuilding” didn’t much change with higher incomes. In Fact the numbers seemed to get better for “start over” as the incomes rose. Could the reason be that those people have a better day to day understanding of the system because they can afford to use it? Now if consumers are really driving the market, why is/are there no company/s willing to step in and fill the void?
    As for the Drug marketing one “Precision Buzz Marketing”, well it ain’t about better healthcare is it.