HOSPITALS/TECH: Getting the machine that goes “ping” into the EMR

Tim Gee managed to get to one of my posts when I didn’t submit for the last HWR for which he was host, to my chagrin and I failed to return the favor. But he does have a really interesting piece on his blog about the integration of RFID, WiFi, Pumps and Monitors into hospital IT systems. This is crucial stuff, as most of the mess (i.e. process errors) in the hospital comes from poor management of this data, and the recording of this data probably accounts for 25% of nursing time, and is fraught with error too.

If we’re going to fix the process mess inside the hospital, the integration of digital clinical data into IT is essential. Tim gives us a progress report on how we’re doing (well with pumps, not so well on integration of the bio-med and IT staff), and if you care about health care progress you should read it.

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  1. Matthew,
    My apologies for not submitting a post for HWR this week. And thank you for your gracious plug of my site.